Blender Plugin Database For Everyone

Blend Plugin Database v0.001 (62 plugins listed)


Although there are some places for acquiring plugins I have found that there are MANY plugins hiding in many places. To make searching for plugins easier I have compiled a far-from-complete database of plugins. The database is using Open Office’s BASE. Feel free to download the database(for now) from my server, however this may remove it if I start reaching my bandwith limits. Also feel free to modify the database. If you modify it please list changes in the txt file. Also if you modify it with many changes contact me because I would like a copy :).

-Mr. R
wiki at

Futute improvements:

-Adding more plugins to database

-Defining the Type category more accurately and possibly based on the Blender Plugin type conventions

-Better Author labeling

-Better notes

-Updating the version number of plugins

-Updating the latest working Blender version corresponding to the plugin

-Updating OS’s the plugin works with

-Incorporating the database into a website where the entry can be entered online and used online

Instructions for submitting additions:

-Update readme.txt on changes and add by an increment .001 to the version.
(ie. 0.001 updated and would be 0.002)

Get it here: