Blender Plugin Repository

I went ot the blender plugin repository here, and I tried to download the plugins, but none of them would download. Does anyone else have the plugins for windows stored somewhere?

I dunno, they worked fine for me. which pluggin’s are you looking at?


I tried downloading the all plugins (precompiled for windows) one, but It just sat there, and said it was getting the file information. It sat there for like 10 minutes, and never started downloading. After that, I tried downloading the plugins individually, but none of the links that I tried worked. I tried:
and a few others, none worked.

hope ya don’t mind sent it to ya by email from ya web site (eventually, when I remembered to attach the file :expressionless: )

hope it helped :smiley:


How did you get my e-mail address? I would prefer if you pm’d it to me if that was possible, but thank you anyway! :smiley:

just in case you weren’t aware of it, your email address is on your website…

Sorry just trying to help, but I got your email from your website and thought, as its there you would not mind :frowning: , (pm’d whats that, I am quite new to this forum)

won’t make that mistake again :expressionless:

No it’s ok, It private messaging. When you want to PM someone, you just click on the PM icon on the bottom right corner of one of their posts. It’s elysiun exclusive, so the messages are collected inside and elysiun inbox which you can access by clicking the :private messages: link in the top right corner of the page.

All well and good, but last time I checked, you can’t attach files to PMs.