Blender Pocket beta is available


The new website of Blender Pocket (ex BlenderCE) is available here:

There are new screenshoots and of course, a new version of Blender Pocket: images are now working. The UV mapper will be happy :cool:

Happy Blending,


Thats cool man!
I can’t wait to try it on my old Casio E-125 pocket pc.
Will it work on win ce - 3.0 ?
and can it work with a 32 mb memory pocket pc?

Haha… try it and let us know :eek:. There is a post in Blender Pocket forum to write which pocketpc is working with Blender Pocket. 32 mb should be enought (for simple rendering). But I don’t know for Windows CE… I compiled it for Windows Mobile 2003.

Have lot of fun,