Blender podcaster - where do I tell people?

I used to be a member way back in the Elysiun days, and have recently rejoined the community. Back then, I knew nothing of podcasting, blogs, etc… but now they are all the go. So my question is this, being new to these forums: I want to let people here know about my podcast, “the process diary” and blog ( because it is largely Blender specific, and I’m sure there would be many here who wold be interested in what I’m doing.

I’m producing an animated series due for release some time next year, and I want to do it all in Blender. My podcast has already got a handful of Blender-specific vidcasts on it.

What forum thread should I tell people about it?


Paul C

Welcome back. Maybe, news and discussion? Your site looks interesting, I like the sandboat. :slight_smile: has a “Submit News” button.


ahaha - I’ll remember to thank you and say “I heard it here first!”

Here’s me thinking I’m not really newsworthy, but what the hey…

and thanks for the comments on the sandboat, above! Next week I’ll be releasing a quick procedural video on a set.