Blender poll


I would like to conduct a simple poll. I’m interested to know how many Blender users use Blender for architectural work. With your answers please provide the following information…

  1. Blender version / rendering engine
  2. Operating system
  3. Things you do to make image as noise free as possible
  4. How you import .dwg or .dxf files

I’m asking because I have been trying to incorporate Blender fully into my work but never could get it all quite right. So might as well keep asking questions.

Thank you

Hi bozz, here are my answers:

  1. 2.75a / Cycles
  2. Linux Mint
  3. For interiors - delete glass from windows, use light portals, all white world background multiplied to 5, if in hurry disable ray visibility / shadow for ceiling object
  4. So far only dxf, using the official DXF import addon v0.8.5. which is already in Blender. Dxf properly cleaned from 3D solids, xrefs, blocks, hatches, texts, dimensions and splines…

Maybe post a simple blend file here, and let the people here change settings so you dont get firelies there are a lot of ways to tackle it, you might even google for that, but i’dd be happy to improve your file

(please post some small blend file then and not some huge skyscraper).

I haven’t used blender for Arch-vis, but i have had a few paid jobs for interior scenes.

  1. Latest stable version/Cycles
  2. Windows 7
  3. For interior scenes - Low light bounce count, high sample count. Also, i usually clamp the lighting, Prefered settings are;
    Indirect : between 2.00 and 3.00
    Direct: between 1.50 and 2.00.
    I also play around with different lighting solutions, to find the most efficient set up. And i very rarely use de-noising filters in post-production (I rarely use this method, as it can impact on the quality and sharpness of an image badly)
  4. Can’t help you there, I only model using blender. I’ve never needed to use those file formats
  1. Blender version / rendering engine
    Usualy the newest version of Blender and Cycles

  2. Operating system
    Usually Windows sometimes Ubuntu

  3. Things you do to make image as noise free as possible
    More samples when needed. Then I render on Aws with renderbot which is fast and cheap and saves a lot of time because I dont have to worry about other render settings.

  4. How you import .dwg or .dxf
    Havent needed that so far.