Blender Pond, no materials yet.

Here’s a little something I started to work on a couple of hours ago, what do you think? … I don’t know what to put in the right “blue” corner tho, any suggestions? The right corner is gonna a bigger rock of some kind.

I haven’t been blending for maybe 5 months or so but I thought I’d give it a shot again today when I saw there’s been a new version released.

Anyways, I got a nasty rendering problem that I have no idea how to fix. Blender only renders half the image and then stretches the image which results in a slight blurriness in the y axis, see the picture. I run Linux if that matters…

Edit: upload and image of my rendering options…


Nice modeling. :cool:

The stretching problem is because you have enabled fields rendering. Look in the render sub panel beside your xparts and yparts settings.

Thanks man, no stretching now.

Been working some more on it, added some stuff, and made some quick 5 minute materials and added halo lighting(I love this stuff :)) I a little anxious when It comes to making the real/final textures, on most of my other projects I’ve failed and given up :frowning: specially when it comes to UV mapping.


I think it looks very cool, are you thinking of putting like the little frog that pops up in the beginning in the secen at all? I love the rocks, how did you did you make the vines? I’ve been trying to make something like plants and flowers.

aah, back again, I’ve been away helping my parents and a relative making a cottage in lappland.

I used a nurbs curve and a nurbs circle for the vines, you could look at one of graybeards tutorials, the one with the telephone cord. I haven’t seen it myself but I think its the same method, except the spinning of the cord part.

Excellent work my friend. Did you use blender’s internal render?