Blender, Poser and motion capture

(Anton-Mouse) #1

Hello all,
Is there any way to use Poser Models and bvh files
within blender ? or better still just the bvh or other motion capture
formats i.e. Maya


(S68) #2

Look at the tut listing above :stuck_out_tongue:

SysAdmin has tuts…


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:stuck_out_tongue: Thanx just what i was looking for !!! :stuck_out_tongue:

I did try a search on the forums but it didn´t turn up anything

now to get poser fired up again.............

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I find the search feature of elysiun not as usefull as the one that were on . Maybe because there were more answers in the old forum, but I also think it doesn’t get as good hits either. I dunno why.

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Try this

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I suggest using the poser to blend program on the above site and make your BVH. file in Poser, convert it and match th motion of your ARMATURE to the motion of the BVH Emptys set up.

Start by matching the positions of the Armature with the motion of the Spine and Hips and Head from start to finish and then the legs and arms to get convincing motion, it`s got to be done that way to look right.

I`ve only done one Character Animation for use with the Real Time Engine like this and there is a lot of work involved but the results do look pretty good, it depends on the BVH files you make to begin with.

(Anton-Mouse) #7

well i Have a lot of different bvh files from max and life forms so i´ll start there

(Torque) #8

So you visited the BVH site above and understand how to create a
hiarachy of Emptys ? make a default one that you can use over again.

Use only Poser-Lo models to generate BVH files.

Also you may find that the BVH files from that site have Armatures that are Constrained to the Empty`s Hiarachy, now these look good ( like the Ballet Dancer ) as they dance around but you CANNOT attach a mesh to
the Armature as all the joints twist around , thus twiting your Mesh.

Build a seperate Armature and match it`s Movements (starting with the Spine) to the walk cycle or whatever your BVH Hiarachy is doing.

You can then have several Actions for one Character, such as walking , running, jumping ect.

      Hope that helps, see`ya in a few months time.

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Thanx …In a few months more like a few years :slight_smile:
so much too learn and so little time… :smiley: :wink:

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[quote=“Anton-Mouse”]Thanx …In a few months more like a few years :slight_smile:
so much too learn and so little time… :smiley: ;)[/quote

If you already know how to make an Armature and do the Action animation then it`s not too hard to match the motion of the BVH Emptys Hiarachy.

Do you know how to set up the Armature and attach your Mesh???
i could find a tutorial for you if you need it.

I think a good tip for your Character is to have seperate meshs for each arm, leg,foot,hand, head and torso, each attached to the relevant bone in the Armature, thats the way i would do it next time, it stops the mesh from getting bent out of shape, which has happened a little bit on my first attempt and seems to be the way Professional games designers do it