Blender -> PovRay

(Xtra) #1

Hi folks,

Can anybody tell my something about the Blender to POV script? Actually I’m working with VirtuaLight and the results are ok - I like it. But it seems that there will no Linux version be available in the nearest future. Perhaps I’ll try POV and I’d like to know the way how this script works. Is it similar to the Blender -> VL script? Can I use texture- and bump mapings and will I have to use Blenders UV maping to use texturemaps in POV (like in VL)? Is there a lot of work necessary after export and does the script work with the latest POV version?

Well, a lot of questions …


(BgDM) #2

I don’t want to sound like a dick here, but maybe read the manual for POV Ray. I think all of your questions will be answered in there.

And yes, you can use bump maps and textures in POV Ray, don’t ask me how though :o


(theeth) #3

Search for the PovAnim script by JMS in the Python forum.


(Xtra) #4

Hi BgDM,

I don’t think that I’ll find something about the Blender2POV script in the POV Ray manual … Maybe anybody have some experiences with this script the way how it works.


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The Blender to POV script is just that, a script. It exports the blender data to an ASCII file, (I beleive), that POV Ray can read. You have to then edit the script from there to suit your needs. That is why I said you may want to read the manual so you understand how the script is set up and works and thus, be able to edit it to suit your needs.