Blender power up project

Hi guys the purpose of this thread is to work on a project to power up blender tool and utilities: Blender is a GREAT software and i think it will have a great future, but it grow to slow, it’s less of function. It will be amazing if it can be a free and open source industrial standard at leve of 3D studio max, or maya. so i want build up a team to improve the functionality of blender by adding new tool take by max or maya, or better create new one that no other software have. so post here all the idea that you have maybe with a link to the tool that you want that blender have. i the team will grow up we can try to create new add ons that can be send in trunk.

explain further, give examples

CAD-like snapping w/constraints, reference-2-point tranformations and measurement (distance, angle etc).

some example are extrude along curve, bevel on single edge, more advanced snap too, vertex baking, normal vertex editing, cage edit, more modifier, branch extrusion, all little thing that maybe in game developing are essential to speed up the work. for the slow grow the software is that every two month there is a new build (and this is perfect), with big improvment but to less. If you follow a maya tutorial o max tutorial, in blender you can’t do some thing …

OK thanks for the tip! i’ll try it

Duo to the tip of Crumpet i’ll create two thread one for suggestion and one for the guy that want to work to the project making a new development team.

If for vertex baking you mean baking vertex colours, that you can already do, as well as bevelling a single edge

how it can be done??

The main problem with these kinds of threads it there are a bazillion ideas that people want implemented in blender and only a handful of people who are willing/able to implement them and who usually have their own projects/ideas they are working on.

Hell, there’s a whole website dedicated to this that quickly became practically unusable due to the high volume of ideas that are mostly a combination of bug reports and already implemented features (that people simply don’t know how to use) with the rare good idea that gets drowned out by all the noise. Moderating the influx of new ideas became a multi-hour job in itself until the day that it just became not worth the effort and now I don’t think anyone moderates over there.

There simply isn’t a shortage of ideas that devs can choose from but a shortage of devs capable of turning those ideas into reality and a shortage of ‘motivation’ for the devs to work on your idea (which the blender dev fund has partially solved for some big ticket features).

And (as a moderator) I’m not too happy about having three separate threads in one section all on basically the same subject but we’ll see how it goes.

yeah you’r right in fact i discovered that at moment this take to much time for me, and i abandoned the idea. I love blender, but for the project i’m working i discovered that is less of little but important features. if you want close the three thread that i open, no problem :smiley: