Blender Premium Tutorial - Fire Explosive Special Effects

Last night, I upload a new tutorial for making really nice fire explosive special effects. Though I have over 500 free-to-view Blender tutorials on my YouTube channel, I’m limiting this tutorial to a select audience. It’s very bargain priced if you need this kind of effect. It’s under the Premium Tutorials section of my Sci Fi Animator web site. Thanks for checking it out.

Does the forum allow you to advertise your sales here?

@Hrafn: if you think such a post is against the rules, report thus to the administrators (see link forum rules below). But AFAIK as I know there is nothing wrong in posting info on commercial services as long as it is relevant to Blender users. This is after all a professional forum, one of the forums is even dedicated to paid for jobs …

Not something i would pay for.

I wasn’t aware there was a rule against it, if there is. In any case, since the Admins have to approve new thread posts, they must have thought it was okay.

@varkenvarken, relax it was a simple question. Why are you so defensive when I asked something I wasn’t sure about? When did it become wrong to ask and clarify?

@stormswirl, I didn’t say it was wrong… I asked a simple question because I wasn’t sure.

Both of you assume that I asked in such a way to cause strife or to counter the Original Poster. Perhaps I want to offer something similar? Nope, didn’t think of that did you.

All those ads on your website don’t put food in your belly no? :wink:

@Hrafn: I will :wink: although there were no assumptions about your question, I just wanted to point you to the link about the forum rules :slight_smile: (because I managed to miss that one for quite some time too, because it’s do far down the page).

But to be honest I must admit that I was a bit worried about what other people might think of your question, as things tend to get a little heated on these forums lately …

But maybe i’m to cautious because fortunately reason seams to prevail most of the time :slight_smile:

@DCBloodhound: maybe not but I do think that Stormswirls’s website might offer an interesting approach to animation (and science) by targeting a younger audience and offering info and tuts on a comprehensive set of skills instead of focussing on a specific subject. I haven’t taken a really good look but at least it looks promising, although it’s appears a little bit too much of a work in progress to present to the public yet, hopefully that’ll change :slight_smile:

Guys, thanks for all the feedback. I assure you that I didn’t take offense to any of it.