Blender presentation in 3 days - call for inputs

Three of us Blender fanatics are going to be doing a Blender presentation at our local monthly animation forum/club in Cape Town, South Africa on this Thursday evening (17:00 GMT = 19:00 SA time). The total duration should be about 60-80 minutes. The poster for our session is here.

Since the people attending will mostly be from other software packages, we do not want to do it as a Blender hands-on demo because time would not allow it and we won’t be able to cover nearly enough of Blender’s features. Most of them are in the dark about what Blender can do and we want to use this as an opportunity to shock them with what it can indeed do.

We therefore thought it would be a good idea to rather use Blender’s feature listas a basis to start from and rather use supporting material to demo or show the results of the features. Only where absolutely necessary - and if it won’t take too long - we can demo something in Blender, but that won’t be the rule. (We may start it up just to show how fast it does that and how little RAM it uses :slight_smile: )

I therefore want to request inputs and links to stuff we can download that will serve as very good examples of the Blender FEATURES in that list. I already thought of using stuff from the Blender gallery and I have some images & videos I have downloaded over the years, but do any of you have GOOD links to brag with Blender’s FEATURES.

SPECIFICS - Maybe we need to focus on areas such as:

  • Blender’s speed of modeling and fast production pipeline
  • Advanced UV unwrapping
  • Particle system, including hair, smoke, fire, etc.
  • Water simulation
  • Soft body, including cloth simulation (so far, or even tests on the new on to come)
  • Physics (I have very little about this)
  • Gaming
  • Sculpting
  • Advanced use of material and compositing nodes and SSS
  • Rendering, e.g. DOF & Motion Blur
  • Mocap?
  • Others?
    I PLEASE do not ONLY want links to good images or animations, except where they portray a Blender feature particularly well, e.g. SSS, sculpting, etc., etc.

We would obviously prefer any images to be as large as possible, e.g. 1024 X 768 and any animations to be short (maybe only a snippet), but of high quality. At the same time, our Internet bandwidth here in SA is very expensive, so we can’t download too much. It would therefore be very helpful if you could paste a THUMBNAIL of any images/animations so that we can preview them before we potentially waste bandwidth. You can post any thumbnails in this other sister-thread, please, since one cannot paste images in this thread.

If needed, we can try to share what we present on Thursday afterwards.

We’ll probably end off with Elephant’s Dream.

All help will be appreciated.