Blender presentation.. what to present?

At my workplace we have a Friday afternoon tradition when one team member gets up and gives a presentation on something. Today’s was about Photoshop and at the end of the talk, GIMP got rubbished a bit. Anyway i suggested on the quiet i could do a Blender presentation and before i knew it i’d been booked in for next week’s slot.

I’m thinking fun things since Friday drinks will be underway while i’m doing the speech. :slight_smile: So far i’ve got as far as creating and animating our company’s corporate logo for an opening - pretty quick and easy to do. I’m also thinking pre-prepared animation stuff since it’s fun posing dinosaurs and robots onscreen like virtual toys. :slight_smile: Bringing in some Sintel and Big Buck Bunny assets to demo the Open Movie concept seems like a good idea too. :slight_smile:

So! If you had an hour on a Friday afternoon to introduce a bunch of workmates to Blender (and possibly working in 3D too), what would you show them using Blender to hold their interest?

Movies. Show them atleast one movie made with blender.

You could also make some softbody boobies. Everyone is entertained.

Definitely present Cycles, bmesh.
They won’t be impressed by BI or mesh edit. And they will ask “Why no ngons?”

If I were going to view an hour-long presentation on Blender here’s what I would like to see.

First 10 minutes: Watch an animation.

Show me an interesting intimation with some human-like characters that are well developed with facial expressions and good motion.
In other words show me what’s possible with Blender.

Second 10 minutes: Modeling, lighting, and textures.

This is not a tutorial. Don’t worry about explaining “how” to do this. Just show what’s possible.
Maybe show an quick time-lapse animation of a character being extruded from a single cube.
Mention the extrusion and sculpting capabilities. Not need to explain how they are done. Just that they are possible to do.

Then show that textures and lighting can be added. Again doing this with a time-lapse animation of the process would be great.
Just show how things evolve and that Blender has the tools and capability to do all of this.

Third 10 minutes: Rigging and bones:

Show an armature bone and how they are build into entire skeletons for animation.
Again, it’s not a “tutorial”. Just how the process of how single bones can quickly be formed into entire skeletons.
Mention that they are attached to the “mesh” (or body) and then the character can be animated.via the manipulation of these bones.
Again, a time-lapse animation of a skeleton being built and moved around would be great.

Fouth 10 minutes: Animation process

Explain the main steps and process of the actual animation. I’m personally not there yet, but surely you could give a 10 minute presentation on process.

Fifth 10 minutes: Background Scenes and “The Animated World”

Mention various methods of creating a “World” and/or background scenes.
Again, I’m not there yet, but some things I would like to KNOW, are things like:
a. Can still images be used as background scenes?
b. Are there quick and easy ways of creating backgrounds for animations?
c. Just what are the actual capabilities for creating backgrounds?

Whatever you can say or show about this in 10 minutes would be GREAT!

Last 10 minutes: Watch another animation!
Give this one your best shot.

When I come away from the presentation I want to have a good idea of precisely what Blender is capable of and have at least some idea of the process steps that are required to build an actual "movie". 

I still won't have a clue how to actually do it.  But at least I'll know what it's all about.

That's what I would like to see as an introduction to Blender.

yeah, show off al the interesting features that show them thier software is inferior to yours.

also, maybe you could talk about how the lisence works and compare it to autodesk’s (which was a recent article on blendernation).

finally, admit it’s not perfect, but has infinitely better value for money than, say, maya.

Show semi-unique things Blender has, like:
Boids, Modifiers(Array, Multires, Bevel, Solidify, displace, shrinkwrap), Sculpting, UV tools(Interactive unwrapping), Volumes, Retopo, Bezier Curves, Fluids, BBones, Envelope Bones, Mirror Armatures, Bone Shapes, F-Curve Modifiers, Game engine, Grease Pencil…? Cant think of anymore right now.

Thanks for the suggestions so far!

Breaking it up into chunks is a good idea and i’m planning to show them at least part of the Open Movies - probably Big Buck Bunny since it involves violence against fuzzy animals, and being able to load assets up afterwards to play around with will really drive home the whole “open movie” idea.

The softbody boobies would probably go down really well too. :smiley: To be clear, the audience is mainly web developers. The only stuff we’ve ever used Blender for is basic 3D graphics and prepping models for use on Layar.