Blender Pro theme — Blender 2.8 dark-mode

Looks like there could be default themes in 2.81: What happened to the themes for 2.80

Finally someone who appreciates dark themes. Only real “Pros” prefer dark theme, just saying :slight_smile:


Color does make it better. I’ve added color to the icons and matched the node colors to Blender’s default theme. And I’ve updated the theme on GitHub. Thanks for requesting this Alperen!

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The theme is good, dark colors soothe eyes, especially if you use Blender for a long time.

But I noticed an annoyance in the current version of the Blender Pro theme:

In Wireframe mode:

But imo, the real problem is with the Solid mode, it’s hard to see vertices and edges:

If you test with the default Blender Dark theme, they are more visible (there is a stronger contrast between the wireframe color and the selected elements). This contrast would even be stronger if the selected elements were yellow, instead of orange.

  • vertices:

  • edges:

  • faces:

I know it’s difficult to find a good color that would work with the Wireframe AND the Solid mode, but I just wanted to report this small annoyance. :slight_smile:

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Thank you xan2622! Your feedback really helps to make this theme better. And I clearly see your point. Maybe adding color to the unselected elements will help visibility. I’ll let you know as soon as I’ve updated the repo!

All right,

Check it out: 3d-viewport-update

And please let me know if this solves this small annoyance :wink:


I don’t have much to offer this thread, other than I’m following it, and really enjoying your work! Thanks!

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Thank you AlphaVDP2, I really appreciate it.

hi! i was exacly going to tell about that edit mode colors issue but good to see you solved it fast! another thing i noticed is; i can’t see bevel weights on edges. first is blender dark second is blender pro.

Thnx Alperen! Now I know where those colors are for :slight_smile:

New edge-weight colors in Blender Pro theme:

Check it out: Download Blender Pro theme. And let me know if this update works for you.

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Awesome! Thanks!

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hmm… I am sorry guys but for me, it’s not solved. :confused:

I couldn’t test your recent changes earlier but now that I am back from vacancy, I have been able to test the latest version from your github repository.

And here is what I see. I don’t think it’s better, at all.

IMO, the goal is to have nice colors (not hurting eyes) but also to be able to clearly see the selected elements (vertices, edges, faces), and I think that the new color for the Wire Edit is not really better. :confused:

BTW, these changes don’t look good with Edge Seams, Edge Sharps, Edge Creases, which are not really visible anymore with this new Wire Edit color (CC9C53).

My Proposal:
blender_pro_modified.xml (42.2 KB)

Objects unselected, then selected:

SOLID mode:


Edge Seams, Edge Sharps, Edge Crease:

What do you think?
I have tried to create a good compromise between the Wireframe and Solid modes.
There are certainly some colors to check (I haven’t tested these changes in all conditions) but I think these colors work pretty well.

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Or, since your theme is supposed to have a bluish main hue, what about these colors:

blender_pro_modified_2.xml (42.2 KB)

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Hi xan2622, Welcome back, and thanks for the feedback! And I agree, usability first, not hurting eyes close second :wink: I like your modifications, just a few things we have to consider.

  1. with white being the selected color you’re unable to tell the last selected/active vert/edge/face.
  2. the unselected wireframes on wire/x-ray are hard to see.
  3. the edge weights hues are based on Blender’s default hues for recognizability. I’m not much of a modeler so I’m not sure how important those hues are.

I’ll have another go at the 3d-viewport colors. And if you quickly like to test theme settings, I’m working on this other project: testblends

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Have you ever heard of this add-on ? It seems useful but 15$… :roll_eyes: There is a 5$ lite version though.

Yeah, I’ve seen it passing by at devtalk. Seems useful and I’m pretty sure it would save me quite some time. But as for paid add-on’s… when I start making money using Blender, the Blender Foundation will be the first entity i’ll pay :wink:


Hi xan2622! Thanks again for your feedback and modifications. I’ve modified your modified version and updated the 3d-viewport-branch. I’ve also updated the outliner to reflect the new object selection colors. Please let me know if this update works for you.

Check it out: 3d-viewport-update


in terms of usability, I’m doing some tests, and I think it’s one of the best :+1:

P.S. updates the color of the selected object of the outliner, which they probably have made some small changes in development and is a color that has nothing to do with the theme.

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:pray: Thank you noki paike, And I’ve changed the new active color in the outliner for 2.81 and updated the 3d-viewport branch.

hi Paul! I just wondered why different branch for updates? Master is no longer getting updates?

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