Blender problem with 2nd monitor

I have a second monitor and when I have a Blender window in that second monitor (result of shift clicking on a widget corner) that window functions fine, BUT:

the “main” blender window takes several clicks to make it active. sometimes, I don’t even have to interact with that second window!

anyone else have this or know a fix? the only “fix” I have is to have blender contained in 1 big window, and not have any separate ones.



i think i’ve been struggling with a similar problem, in that whenever you click into an inactive blender window, unexpected things will happen. like you said sometimes it takes several clicks to make it active, but more infuratingly, sometimes it will send randomly change interface elements (ie, i click the window frame to make it active, and one of the property sliders completely changes its value).

i thought i was going insane at first, with weird values cropping up all over the place. then i realized what was happening, and figured i must be doing something wrong, but in the end i discovered it seems to be an issue with blender window redrawing (preferences>system>window draw method). there are several options, and i believe it defaults to ‘automatic’ but that definitely wasn’t the best setting in my case. unfortunately, it seems the only one that alleviates the problem is ‘full’ method, which is supposedly the slowest and least efficient.

i’m curious, are you on a mac? part of me wonders if its osx’s graphics drivers/open gl implementation, as if this was happening to the much larger windows user base, there would be more discussion about this!

I am on a Mac…a 2009 Mac Pro 8-core Xeon running snow leopard. I have no such problems with any other application I use across the 2 monitors…like others, I like to have tool palettes and things on that other monitor.

maybe it’s to do with the fact that Blender “likes” to be in its own, self-contained application frame?

FWIW, switching to the “full” method of window redrawing didn’t help me.


i unfortunately discovered it didn’t help me much either. i’m still getting the weird ghost clicks whenever i click back into a non-focussed blender window.

really frustrating :frowning:

Update: I did a (kinda crappy) screen recording to demonstrate the problem:


Would this be something I should file a bug report for?

that is a very good question. hard to discern on this one between “bug” and “improper behavior.” One thing I find curious is that one of the windows will be “in front” and the other will not be, and to me, this is not logical behavior while you are in the same program. that’s the kind of behavior you see (and NEED) when you have more than 1 application open and several windows and need a way for them to gain focus.

Based on that, I’d term it “improper behavior” when Blender acts like the 2 windows of its own, are from 2 different applications.

Do others care to weigh in on this?


I agree, it’s crazy. On my Windows PC, it always took one click to select the other window, then another to alter the value / tick box I was aiming for… then another two clicks to go back to the other window! It quickly drove me crazy, so now I just use one great big window spread across monitors.

The only annoying thing left is that Blender 2.5x doesn’t understand the command line switches that I used in my old Blender 2.4x shortcut, which would open Blender already spread across 2 monitors (e.g. “C:\Program Files\Blender2.49\blender2.49.exe” -w -p -1280 53 2960 1000). So now I open Blender 2.5x and immediately drag its edge to the far side of the second monitor before I start work. From then on everything’s OK.

In summary, Blender 2.5x’s multiple window system is (in my opinion) a complete waste of time :slight_smile:

I don’t think it can be stated any better than that!


been doing that, too…seems to be fairly well-behaved, tho I do lose a bit of screen real estate bcs the one monitor is smaller in the vertical dimension…but, it works.