Blender problem with cube ( For beginner)

Hello I am a very beginner to blender.
I am working on a Monitor model ( Just for learning purposes).
I am stuck in the leg/stand section i can’t make it to work !
Here’s what I want it to be

But can’t get it :spin:

Extruding doesn’t work :frowning:

If anyone can help it will be greatly appreciated .

If this post isn’t in the right section or any other wrong, than please redirect me.

To get the shape you have ticked from a cube can be done in many ways. Try this

Enter edit mode. Press numpad 3 (to get into side view). Select one half (i.e. the four vertices on the left).
Now press S then Z. This will scale along the Z axis only (up/down). Your cube shape should now look like the picture you want.