Blender Problem with Nvidia Grid K2 and virtual machine

Hi everybody,
I’m the head of the IT team of a zoological research museum in Bonn, Germany.
We want to use Blender on virtual desktops povered by a Nvidia Grid K2 and deployed with VMware Horizon.
If I start Blender on such a desktop, I can’t manage to have it rendering on the GPU. Only CPU is found in File->User preferences->System.
VMware vGPU is used to share the Nvidia card between four VMs and is (as far as I know) correctly installed.
How can we manage to have Blender to render on the GPU?
Thanks for your efforts, regards
Thomas P. Niesel

Do you see the GPU with proper profile (K260Q etc) in VM op system settings? If not, the VMs are either not seeing the underlying K2 GPUs or it is some kind of driver problem. If op sys is showing the GPU settings correctly, it should show up in Blender also. What operating system are you running on VMs by the way? Windows or Linux?

Just in case check this page, maybe there is some step missed in VM setup:

thanks for your advice, but yes. I see th K2 in my virtual win 7 in Nvidia desktop manager .
Tomorrow I will check the link young sent.
Thanks, regards

Hi again,
I just checked: all requirements dressed in the article are fulfilled.
Any further ideas?
Thanks, regards