blender problem

I use a max os 10.4 and i downloaded blender 2.47a and now my right mouse button will not work i cannot open file edit or anything. also my space bar was disabled it will not show mesh thing. anyone know what happen? it just happened over night.

At the top of the blender application you can see an information bar. That bar can be dragged down to reveal configuration options. To drag the bar down click on the seam between the information bar and the 3D viewing window and drag the seam down.

In the configuration options you will see a View and Control button. Click the button to reveal all the view and control options. Locate the “Select With:” option. These are the buttons that let you exchange the left and right mouse click. Click either the left or the right option and see if that doesn’t fix your mouse.

If that doesn’t solve the right mouse button then your problem isn’t likely to be related to blender. Standard advice is: check the cables, make sure nothing is loose.

By any chance you don’t have an NVidia card and you haven’t upgraded to 10.4.3 since last night have you?

The 10.4.3 update has a messed up NVidia driver and causes menu drawing problems with Blender including 2.4. The only solution at the moment is to go back to 10.4.2.

Ah, well, what do I know. Disregard my earlier nonsense. Sorry if I sounded calloused. :slight_smile: Rough day yesterday.