blender problem!!

my problem is that when i run blender it opens fine but when i put the mause cursor above some buton a screen turns black and when i move the image with the number pad blender detects an error and shutsdown:(
may anyone help me?

It would help a great deal if you described your system. For example, what kind of PC, what operating system, what kind of video card, etc.

my pc is a laptop an fujitsu siemens amilopro with windows vista, dual core with the video card is a VIA Chrome9 HC IGP WDDM

Umm, maybe try re downloading and reinstalling blender?

i already don that and dindt work !!
maibe because of the pyton or the ddl`S?

Blender doesn’t like Vista, try using the default setup. Also make sure that your video card isn’t using Anti-Aliasing or Filters.


sorry this may lok kind of sily but how do i make sur that my video card isn´t using Anti-Aliasing or filters?

Look in Display Properties under Adaptor. Only some cards have access to the display settings of the card itself. If it’s not there you don’t have to worry about it.