Blender Project: an Express 3D Game Creator

I have an idea that could help newcomers to blender make games much faster and easier than any tutorials could of ever helped them:

A GUI game creating interface made with Blender.

For the most thorough explanation to what I’m talking about, refer to the “RPG Maker” series. In RPG Maker, you’re given a menu-based interface with a list of tools that let you create or modify different elements that make up a game.

What differs here from Blender’s game creation toolset is a compromise- You can’t fully customize the game with an interface like RPG maker’s, but you are given a large amount of models and customization options to work with and very easy and efficient tools to create games at a rate you never could otherwise.

Scripting systems in some of these rpg makers are actually pretty robust, and you can even make complex AI out of the simple menu command-selecting scripting system with some of the makers.

However- if you were also allowed to import models you created, you’d have complete customization with the ease of tools like “drawing” landscape editors and auto-script menu lists that would enable a total novice to make a very complex and large 3D game in a matter of months.

The problem here is I don’t have the time to work on this project, so I’m just going to throw the idea out here and see if anyone else would like to try producing it, and I also lack the skills needed with Blender to create it.(I just have a few vague ideas about creating the scripting system by saving large text files you create by selecting script commands in the interface).

Here’s some more design plans for the game if anyone’s interested in taking the project up:

You have preset lists of usable:

object models

scripts- would store them as large text strings, so there wouldn’t be a problem making tons of them.
-you get up to 10,000 of these.

*a lot of the custom data is stored as large text strings.

-presets would amount to about twice as much as one game from other rpg makers might have.
*you can import models, textures, sounds, enough to have a 10,000 maximum of each.

-the game uses GUI’s to organize and provide editing and creating interfaces that make it easy and fast to create games.

You have 2 types of editors- creators and modifiers.

Creation editors:
landscapes- you can place tile-by-tile, or you can use tools to “draw” an automatically
tiled area.
characters- uses model head surface “tile” pieces.
tiles: these stay together by being part of a “parent” grouping. The body is more
limited, and you can select from different body sets.

landscape tiles
building tiles

Well, that pretty much sums up the idea.

They should do that and make it a little like Unreal engine 3 witch is a map editer for Gears of war. I dont have, just watch it on youtube. but thay should like have the BGE in a separate blend. Like what I mean is they should make you download the packege of blender but in that packege would be the blender and the other blender would be for game creation. Do you no what I mean. Thats my opinion.

First: this should be in the Off Topic section.

Ideas are a dime a dozen.
And Nobody, but a team of well paid professionals would even attempt such a thing.

However, if kids today want to “make games” but don’t want to learn how,
Then something like this might actually sell.

Edited out that last sarcastic bit.

hmph, if kids really wanted to make games they would learn blender… Like Video Game Tycoon? I found that soooo boring, I can’t believe I wasted money on that :\ I feel stupid of buying that. A lot of kids who want to make video games aren’t interested enough to actually learn how, it’s too much work, too much reading, why would they want to do it? So they can make they’re own gameplay, they don’t care WHO makes it, just as long it has their idea. And if they only want to do that they can be the script writing for a game… As I said above, if kids really want to learn to make video games, they’ll learn how to use somekind of engine.

Believe me, what you want to do is already out there… A lot of them, they just cost money.

As PhilB said only professional well paid programmings would help to do this, and what’s the point of paying them something if your not going to get anything out of it? The kids happyness? It’s a lot of money for something that’s already out, there…

But if you really want to try go ahead, learn a lot of C++ it may take you a while though. The ideas you have above are pretty nice, but It’ll be hard to do :.

Good Luck out there!!! :wink:

I’m just putting this idea out there.

Criticism really isn’t welcome, especially since I’d personally really like what I’m talking about, which definitely isn’t whatever “bad-experience-with-cheap-maker” association you’re patronizing the idea of having similarity to.

Nje, if you like the idea, you should make it. You could probably do it with Blender’s Game Engine.

Make your models, create multiple gameplay types and allow the player to choose in game which type is to be used, which models are used, change some of the numbers of how strong things are. and so on.

Other people probably aren’t going to do it for you for the following reasons:

  • it’s a lot of work, you have to code many different gameplay types and make many model types, as well as make it all work together with a nice user interface.
  • Similar things already exist (not in Blender), so why reinvent the wheel?
  • Too busy and/or don’t have all of the necessary skills. (You need to be able to do a lot of coding)

in conclusion, go ahead and try to make it, but don’t expect anybody else to do it for you.

if you don’t expect criticism, don’t post the idea here, just execute your idea it and tell us when it’s done :slight_smile:

Hey, instead of saying blender should be like rpg maker, why don’t you, i don’t know, USE RPG MAKER!?!?!?!
SHOCKING IDEA ISN’T IT!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

And the whole novice game maker thing is completely wrong, when i first came to blender i was a complete novice, and yet with a little help from a couple youtube tutorial, i was well on my way. I like how easy yet powerful and customizable blender is. A set of pre-made models in blender would be pointless considering, well, blender is a 3d modeling and animation program isn’t it?

First, as said, I’m just presenting the idea for the sole function of bringing it’s awareness to others. Criticism is irrelevant here.

Second, not everyone has the time or talent to out-right learn and create games with a hard-to-use game engine. Regardless of what some of you have argued, the idea is in fact very valid, and would fill a huge gap that’s missing the 3D game creation tools world.

No, it’s not, this is a FORUM, when you bring a topic here it’s a matter of fact that we’re supposed to discuss and criticize it. If you just wanted people to say wow and suck your e-dick this is the wrong place. if you don’t want feedback just post a finished product and go on with your life.

NJE, this would be a lot of work.

Years of work. I’m sorry if other users are being rude, but to a lot of people here it’s going to sound obscene, and I have to agree. Next someone will ask why you should bother to use rpg maker blender instead of just the giant “make great game” button. This is an art and it’s not going to do anyone any good to make this. If you don’t have the time or patience to make a game with blender, make it with something else, or don’t make it at all.

But I am not against adding some models and scripts into the free database. We need more good models and scripts in the library.