Blender project looking for people

Hello, we are looking for people to start a make shift Blender Movie Project,
It’s fairly simple, we are beginners looking to start a movie project in hopes to have fun and learn from each other about Blender.
Our qualifications are quite low so yours can be too. All you need to know is a basic understanding of blender, such as Edit Mode and little tidbits of Animation such as moving an object from point A to B (although we could even teach you that in a sinch).
We are in the beginning stages and are just looking for people who would be interested in helping us in any way.
Here are some examples of how you could help:
Sound Editor
UV Mapper
And anything else you think would help
We don’t know what kind of movie we are going to do yet, but your ideas are welcome. To join you just need to respond to this post showing interest or send me a message telling me your interest in the project and I will give you further details. If you have any questions just ask in the post and I will gladly answer them A.S.A.P.
Thank You for your time

I would also like to add that this project is quite experimental, I have never done something like this over the web, so this will be a big learning experience for me, There may be some changes to plans as we go along to make this work better.

Please read:


Seems interesting - sorry I can’t help due to other commitments but best of luck!

Well I think others posting should be pointed to this thread.

It is honest and to the point.

I can comment that perhaps you should think also about the fact that things rarely if ever get done by group or committee. This is not an opinion, though obviously it can only be considered so, but it is an “opinion” gained from hard won experience.

If you want to make a film, you yourself have all of the tools you need right there in front of you. If you have an associate or two, or if it is just you. Sit down and work out the time you have to spend and get going on a project. And using what you have now in front of you, your resources to learn and do, trust me you will go miles further than you will if you try and assemble a group of people first.

Nothing wrong with wanting to be social and being a part of a group. But I am going to be frank. I have never seen it work. That does not mean it has not, I mean it is very very rare and I have never seen it work. I have seen small groups of professionals form partnerships to do commercial work such as a mall effects house. But these people usually bring years of experience and a potential client base from former jobs.

But you are not looking to do that, you just want to make a small little film. That’s cool.

What I have seen work is scores of short films successfully brought to completion by usually one and sometimes two people working hard at it.

Take this advice as you see fit and good luck!

I see what you mean, and I did have that fear going into this, but what I failed to stress with this project is that we are doing this more to learn about blender so we could get better at it, so we could reach that point where we can work hard on a movie.

You may also want to say that anyone who wants to join doesn’t need to feel obligated, since your goal isn’t to nessessarily complete the movie. Also, I suggest making it 30 secs long.

good idea, im going to add that when I get the chance

Exactly, less than 31 second is the absolute necessity in your case, and consider that for these, you might take up to a year to give them sufficient quality and learn enough stuff since you and the others do other things in life.

It’s a very good initiative. Good Luck!

And that is why I like your honesty. There is nothing wrong with your aims and your reason for doing it. If most people just stated something to that effect they’d get less heckling from the crowd here.

People here by and large like to help people. So you are in the right place.

Part of learning in this project should be also how to manage a project to successful completion. And that is where I am coming from regardless of the reason.

I would suggest looking around and take an honest look at the projects that are getting done and see how they did it.

Don’t just take my word for it.

Man, these threads certainly appear in streaks! Kind of like Blender vs. software X threads…

Best off learning on your own, or maybe start up a meetup group, a club at school, whatever, something face to face. Blendercookie has nice clear tutes, plus I thing the blender foundation has a youtube channel.