Blender Project: Peterbilt 379/Optimus Prime Truck

This model was built by me back when I was learning blender and wanted to do some serious work. Achieved my goal of modelling something serious and sticking with it but sort of abandoned it for a while. I’ve decided to give this another try and change couple of things to make this a perfect model. I still have to figure out texturing and different types of materials and of course, composting. I’ve been using blender for a while now and I still have a lot to learn. Tips on Materials and texturing will be appreciated. :slight_smile:

Yes this is the truck of Optimus prime from Transformers also known as Peterbilt 379.

My computer isn’t the best out there, actually it’s horrible. Takes 10-15 minutes just to render something really simple but I am spending a lot on the next computer as i will be costume making it for quick rendering.
This was rendered using Cycles.

300 Samples:

350 Samples:

500 Samples:

Do suggest improvement and leave some tips for texturing/materials for the truck. Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

The modelling looks really great! I’d love to see it with textures and shading complete… Keep it up!

, Am still getting familiar with the texturing and the shading tool on cycles, A lot to learn and experiment with :stuck_out_tongue: