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I am recruiting paid work for someone that has enough talent on blender to help my company complete interior modeling for a passenger rotorcraft.

Recently released in Q1 2017 for FSX/P3D V3 the UV-4 UAV has been pushing the envelope for ducted fan rotorcraft ideology. Our plans are to now pitch our idea in front of a packed crowed of engineers and OEM professionals on our new variant aG-4. The manned equivalent of our UV-4 airframe and power plant/flight physics model.

The modeler will be required to take our existing airframe and create a realistic configuration that includes a cockpit layout, pilot/co-pilot viewpoint/front window, passenger seating, entrance/exit. The layout needs to be completed by 2/15/18 giving enough time to finish aeroG Aviation LLC (my company) application to the venture “AeroInnovate 2018”.

Our modelers will all be included in the application as an integral part of the team, which already includes fsdeveloper members krispy1001, f747fly, and myself. The aircraft might or might now be featured as a later payware project for FSX/P3D v4+, however this is a request for strictly a “BLENDER RENDER” project to be viewed by business professionals at several aviation companies.

Please contact me by posting here, PM, or either.

email: [email protected]
SKYPE: [email protected]
Cell: (862)226-8656

Here is a look at the airframe we will provide to you,


Contacting you now via email.



Your project sounds really interesting.
I have sent you a PM.

Best Regards,

Thanks for the inquiries everyone, I got an artist to work on it.

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