blender projects - storage and archiving

Hey guys, I thought I’d pick your brains on how you organise and store your current and past blender projects - I’ve got all mine in one huge great big midden of a folder, and it is one big mess of blends! - I have made subfolders for each project, but its still a big heap…

Any suggestions?

And how do you guys archive your projects?



I have big folder too. But each project has it’s own folder. When the project is complete I save it to a disk and erase it from my harddrive.

I have one Blender folder. Each project is in a subfolder. Sometimes I create further subfolders inside the project’s folder, e.g. for tests, reference pictures etc.

At the moment all my projects fit onto my hard drive so I don’t need to think about archiving. But I do backups on CD-ROM.

If there will be really many projects some day, I think I’ll group them by year.

Probably overkill for what you’re looking for, but I just made a post a few days ago outlining my current strategy. I like the results so far, although there are a few kinks in blender’s Append/Link to work out.

You can read about what I’m converting to here.

I have a huge blender stuff folder…

in it I have a mess of blends and images. however finished models are catorgarized, as are image maps.

well, here is the way I work. everything has a place. this is based on the path in blender, the best way to work(my opinion). so when i load something, i know where to go, if I want a texture i know where to go.
And most of the time blender already puting me in the right path anyway, jsut the temp data feature doesn’t work: maybe a bug, blender never saved my temp blend in tmp, insteed it keep saving it in save with my other blend (pretty messy). also blender don’t load temp save. if for exemple my sys crach cause he is’ just searching in the wrong folder. I should do a report for that, i’m just too lazy. 8)

that way it’s way more easy to back up, just to copy the hole thing. and easy to install on a fresh formated system :wink: