Blender Promo: Turntable

Hey all.
Made another Blender promo for fun. Sorry for bad quality, it’s Google Video, couldn’t find anywhere else to upload. Enjoy:


Very kool! Simple and dynamic!

Could be better on rendering quality but works well like this also.

My apologies for quality. The version on my computer is perfect and clear. But then when uploaded to google it went all gay. Does anyone know of a video upload site that takes files over 10mb and isn’t

…use google, and search for XviD/DivX compression - that video is 16 seconds long, and 1MB/second is not a compression. :stuck_out_tongue:

And for the video… its nice, but i dont like that “music”. :stuck_out_tongue:

Really nicely done. The wireframe of the table was perfect and really suited the anim.


Yeah, try It allows you to upload 100MB a day and gives you 1GB for free. All you have to do is copy the video’s URL and play!

—Thanks for the link!!!

As for the redbyte animation…nice one, but the first two seconds it seems the camera goes down instead of the man going up. It is later when you realize he is going up!!