Blender promotion

Hello fellow Blender Fans,
I was thinking if it was perhaps a cool idea to create some Blender promotional material like ads and commercials. This stuff can then be used by everybody to promote Blender. Banners, Buttons, Commercials, Audio Commercials, Flyers, and more neat stuff…
When I pitched the idea in the forums rodie replied at some point with:
“no really a Dinosaure in Town. With a Blender brand on its butt” and I imidiatly got this image in my head:

  • The screen shows nothing
  • Suddenly the sreen is fills up with an angry looking dino head (close up)
  • His howl is suddenly interrupted and you can hear a loud hiss
  • The dino looks over his sholder with confusion in his eyes
  • A pull out reviels the dino’s body with a Blender Mark burned into his butt
  • Some smartass tagline appears.

Don’t forget to say taht it’s totally free and you can edit the Blender code and use Blender to your hearts content, without having to pay royalties. That will help people think it’s not just another boring ad for some big compony.

Although its also a focus point, I think the average potentially is more concerned with what Blender can do. Being free and opensource has become only part of what makes Blender attractive. Delivering a quality app is what is the big selling point I think.
But I imagine blender can be pitched from many angles. I just think the average 3D users (and potentially future Blender user) is producing art, not is not a programmer.
But I guess promotional matirial comes in many different kinds :slight_smile: