Blender PS3 SIXAXIS controller Demo

I was playing around with Blender game engine, and totally forgot about the “Joystick” sensor. Remembering that I could plug in my PS3 controller into my PC made me aware that blender could technically have games that are played with the Sixaxis controller.

So I brought up my PS3 controllers, downloaded drivers, calibrated the controller, and set up the logic bricks in Blender for basic movement controls.

This has probably been done before, but just wanted to show my results.

Here’s the video:

Just some basic stuff, nothing complicated. Only a couple movement controls.

EDIT: Downloaded drivers here:

Definitely looks cool, would it work with a xbox 360 controller too?

If it has a USB port or any connection at all that could be connected to the computer, it should be recognized by Windows.

I use the Xbox 360 controller all the time.

For blender? Or for other games?

Blender. I love my controller.

What drivers did you need to install to get this working? Are these drivers cross-platform?

I installed the xbox 360 controller on two computers. On the first one, I googled for a driver, found one, installed it, and It worked. On the other, I pluged in the controller, then went to device manager clicked on the unidentified hardware(the controller), then clicked the “update driver” button. That worked too. I dont think the is cross compatable, but I could be wrong (hope so!)

The controller is a standered xbox 360 controller.

The windows drivers are here:

The linux drivers are here:

Not sure if there are Mac drivers yet. They just released the Vista 64bit and Windows 7 Drivers, so now I can finally use them. Yay! :stuck_out_tongue:

Cool demo Zoonatore = )

Thanks : )

I want to see someone make a small game out of this.

I was going to make one…A third person “cartoony” shooter, with destructable enviorments. I might still do it but I’m working on another project.

Excalaberr, if you have any games with the controller, would you mind to upload a blend file? I would just convert the 360 buttons to ps3 buttons so I could play it. If its not too much trouble.

my 360 triggers are getting recognized as axises and not buttons how do i change that.

You cant. You just have to live with it.

BTW I am making a 2d fighting game, and I am using the controller (but I will have a keyboard alternative) and I am close to done. So then you will see the controller in action.

Sorry for the double post but I think this is the driver I used for my xbox controller.
PS3 Drivers

Download Driver From HereDownload New Drivers For Free

Download Driver From Here

Download New Drivers For Free

Download Driver From HereDownload New Drivers For Free

Download Driver From HereDownload New Drivers For Free

Download Driver From Here

Download New Drivers For Free

I was wondering how you got the joystick on the left to work? The driver shows that as the Z-axis rotation and movement. The joystick sensor in blender doesn’t have an option for axis rotation or the Z-axis for that matter. did you do it with a script?