Blender PT Conference 2013 - Portugal - Oporto

Blender PT Conference 2013 - Promoting, Bridging and Sharing Digital 3D
Arts School of the Catholic University of Porto, Portugal
April 6-7, 2013

           Dear Prof./Dr./Mrs./Mr.
           We have the great pleasure to invite you to the                 Blender PT Conference 2013, an event gathering                 researchers, professionals and freelancers to promote                 the open-source 3D digital tool Blender, debate about                 its real impact at an academic and professional level                 and build bridges between digital 3D communities in a                 knowlegde sharing environment.
           The conference is organized by PROBlender, the                 Portuguese Blender Association, together with the Arts                 School and the Research Center for Science and Arts                 Technology (CITAR) of the Catholic University of Porto,                 with the goal to present the benefits of using Blender                 in 3D production pipelines at several levels: concept                 design, modeling, sculpting, mapping (UVs), texturing,                 rigging, skinning, animation, particles, rendering,                 audiovisual, visual effects (VFX), interative 3D and                 programming.
           Submissions should be sent to [EMAIL="[email protected]"][email protected][/EMAIL]                 by no later than <b>December 10, 2012</b>. All accepted                 submissions will be published in the conference                 proceedings with ISBN. For more detailed informations                 please visit the conference website and download the                 official conference call PDF.
           We are looking forward to meeting you in Porto,                 Portugal.
           Best regards,
                            Pedro Bastos (Ph.D. student FEUP)
                            Ricardo Pereira (Kohta Creative Studios)
                            Rui Pereira (Informatics Engineer)
             Secretariat ([EMAIL="[email protected]"][email protected][/EMAIL])

These was the email that we sent to our contacts by email, but we want to invite you to participate on the conference, and send your submission.
We also launched a competition for game engine, feel free to participate. You all will be welcome!