Blender public roadmap

Hello everyone,

First off, I want to say that I’ve been using blender only since 2.8 beta but I’ve been a 3d artist for more than 18 years (mainly 3dsmax).

My question is about a public roadmap, I mean an actual roadmap.
Some examples here:

I’ve been seaching for something like that and couldn’t find anything related, recent or updated, nor specific. (I’ve seen those articles on, but that’s not a roadmap).
I’m now using blender at home on a daily basis, and everyday I realize some basic features I might need are absent or bare bone. Don’t get me wrong, I love Blender and I’ve decided to stick around, I’m excited about its future but I have concerns about feature development priorities. If I could find a roadmap, see where the devs are going (short, mid and long term obviously) and when or where they’re going to invest their time and efforts, I’ll surely feel more comfortable about investing my time into blender.

This is not a rant about the devs, they’re doing a fantastic job. But the communication could improved on this aspect and I’m sure the community would love to have access to that kind of production document.
And if such roadmap already exists, I’d be delighted to see it (and it’s also definitely difficult to find).

You can check Module to do lists here:

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Hello Rockstaedy,

The development process in Blender is more open than in other software developments,I guess.
If you like you can be a part of it by actively telling bugs or even coding, if you into it.

IF you like you can see the devs crushing bugs daily:

Here are some links:
Roadmap 2.80/2.81/2.82

Weekly reports:

Development Process:

What basic features are you missing?
What are your priorities?

By now the development pace is pretty fast, you can barely keep up with it because of increasing devs and workloads.

If you have problems with Blender, my advice to you would be to search for 3ds users switching to Blender in this forum for example.

Hope this helps you a bit and don´t be concerned about future development.

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Thanks guys, this is what I was looking for!
Looks like it’s buried somewhere, they should probably make it more visible to the public :slight_smile: