blender publisher 2.25 / creator 2.23

(MrE) #1

I loked, read and searched, but with every link i click i got more confused.

I have blender publisher 2.25 with a key. But now i only see creator 2.23 mentioned in all the download sections i visit.’s download section give me some links, and they mention publisher 2.25 on the site of who give links that mention and so on.

Even a search on this page to related questions leave me in the dark. (they did however help me to the keyfile)

a) What is the difference between publisher and creator?
b) why can’t i find publisher 2.25 for download (legal) anywhere?
c) why does the shop only sell blender 1.81 on cd?
d) what is the difference between publisher with and without key?

(cohort) #2

Publisher 2.25 and key is available for download on in the downloads section.

(dreamsgate) #3

You can get Publisher here.

Publisher lets you create stand alone exe files among other things.

(EnV) #4

Publisher 2.25 has bugs in texture’s plugin and is really more slow than 2.23 to render… or not?


(MrE) #5

So creative wise (i only use it for pictures, not for games), it doesn’t matter wich version i have (or are there more like env who say 2.223 is better?).

(0ptikz) #6

I agree with Env on this one. There are a hell of a lot of bugs with 2.25, the most irritating one is the fact that your entire screen goes Black everytime you render an image. You just have to wait until the render finishes to actually see anything again.

The interface also redraws Really slowly.

And I have noticed a definate speed difference between 2.23 and 2.25…

…Aaaand as stated already texture and sequence plugins are screwed too.

I’ll stick with 2.23 until there is a more stable version.