Blender Publisher and LightFlow Export

(mrunion) #1

Being new and uninformed, I have just recently been blessed with Blender Publisher as a Foundation Member. I have noticed that the LightFlow export script needs some work to run with Publisher.

I began creating a new script that was compatible with Publisher but stopped at the camera and display exports. Since I have not been active in Blender using python, I confess I do not know what the “old” scripts were actually returning when they are working with the camera and display stuff.

For example, the cameraObj in the LightFlow export script hjolds the camera OBJECT, but the very next line calls getCamera with this objects “Data” attribute. (I think I said all this correctly.) I have not been able to find equivilent functionality (mostly because I do not know what these lines were doing originally).

Has someone converted the LightFlow export script to version 2.25 and can they share it or some pointers?

(eeshlo) #2

Yes, the new script (which is getting old already) should be able to export in Publisher, I already adapted the script quite some time ago for it, but I don’t have Publisher (yet), only the old BlenderLeague 2.25 Python API test version, which probably means I still have to change some things when I can get the real 2.25, or maybe not…

(mrunion) #3

Well, the one I have (which imports Blender, Blender210, …) does not work with 2.25. I hope it’s something that’s my fault or something that I can fix. It did work with 2.23, but not 2.25. Can you point me to a link for the latest version so I can make sure I have the correct one?

(theeth) #4

there’s no Blender210 module with 2.25 :frowning:


(eeshlo) #5

I meant the script I am working on now, but since both S68 and fullback are testers for the script, maybe they would like to tell if it works with 2.25 as they probably have access to it by now.

(mrunion) #6


I am eagerly awaiting an answer (as it might impact something I’m toying with doing!).


(ahmaudt) #7

Hey folks Ahmaud here. I oversaw the development efforts of the Blender League that was partialy responsible for the Blender Publisher API. If you like i can send you the Python API docs or I can ask Timothy to post them here on the site for download. Actually the latter sounds better. I will check with Kib to see if that can be done.

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(eeshlo) #9

Fullback mailed me about trying it out in Publisher, and it seems to fail to even start at all… The answer might be very simple, but I cannot say anything about it until I test it myself.

(mrunion) #10

FWIW I can get everything “converted” to Blender 2.25…except…

At the bottom of the script I currently have it does things with getting the camera, getting the scene, etc. I’m writing this from memory so if something’s wrong, I’m not remembering it right.

Anyway, I recall the script gets the scene, then gets the camera DATA abd assigns that to the variable “cameraObj”, then it calls another function passing in “cameraObj” and assigns the return value to a variable called “camera”. It appears that under 2.25 the “cameraObj” step is not needed since there is a “GetCamera” type call.

This is where I have to stop “converting” because I do not know enough about the internal Blender workings to know if those two calls are equivilent. I got all the mexh stuff converted and wrote out the “Blender210” import, etc.