Blender Publisher/creator license

(Squee) #1

OK what exactly is the difference between Publisher and creator?
They seem prety much the same.
Also my brother and I are making a game. My bro. is using C++
and I am doing the graphics in blender. We are going to sell the
game when it’s complete. Is there any license conflicts
with doing this?

(mrmunkily) #2

Nope. the graphics you create with any version of blender are yours to keep/sell/eat/ a you wish.

(ben999995) #3

publisher can convert your games into stand alone executable files. Just go to the file menu create runtime. Then you won’t need blender to run them. I think it can also open .3d max files and also create interactive web things.

(sten) #4

no other tool than 3DS MAX can open the MAX-format…that is what I have learned to know…

(ben999995) #5

hmmmm i am sure i read somewhere that publisher could. Although i knows there are tools that allows you to convert dfx files. to .blend or to 3ds max.

(theeth) #6

publisher cannot open 3ds or max files.