Blender Publisher Key Useless

I got the blender publisher key off the blender web site i found out that it can not lock files and that anyone can open them if they have the key! Is it possible to still get a key that is unique and registered to you?

no, blender is open source. Why would you want to lock a file, anyway?

Prismatic: Well, you MAY not want to distribute all your models, textures, animations, ect. to anyone who downloads your game. Blender may be open source, but you may not want your games to be.

Blende: You could e-mail the blender people (Ton or somebody) and ask them, but as far as i know, you can’t get one.


I want a unique key so i can pass my games around with out ppl editing them!
were where u able before to get these keys from?

Blende these keys were given when blender was not open source. That was when Blender was still a commercial product. Unique publisher keys were given then, but from what I heard, they no longer give out unique keys. So no hope of locking your files this way, for now.

Jason Lin

and you had to pay for them

and individual license was $50

the publisher key isn’t useless. it unlocks some new actuators and the nla window type in blender publisher, as well as allowing you to export to a standalone runtime and compress your file.

now, many of these features were avaliable in later versions of blender, but you can’t get a good game engine and some of them (until 2.33)

so, deal. there are attempts on this forum to try to lock files in blender, they don’t work. copyrights are more powerful anyway

Hmmm… $50?! IIRC it was somewhere between $100 and $200 but I can be wrong…

Lol, wel lock your files, by making your own key using a … mh how to call, Like you have Binair and octair or however you call it. Find out which is been used, translate and make your own key. It’s possible, but it would take some time doing that. And btw, there is an another way to lock game files. 8)

Hey, in future. will there be needed a key file then to?

Why don’t you want us to fiddle with them? Besides, if you do something really cool, we’ll want to “take it apart” to see how it works. We won’t hurt it!

if you really dont want anyone touching your games and stuff, since blender is opensource i would code something in there so no one can open your files :slight_smile: but you would have to know how to code :\

I need something like that too, tell how about this code that u have.



I think that specific key is fundamental, because if you decide to make some commercial game or visaulization or what ever, and if you leave the file uncovered they can do with it what they can. and you haven’t controll on it.
For example if you made for them “only” visualisaction for better understandig and leave file open they can tell you “… off” we don’t care your products, And they have it and may produce by itself indeed and you don’t have anything, anything on behalf of your work. [!]
they are happy and laughing…and earning money by the help of your work.

the same is if you made some model or picture you will not give rights to everyone.You schould earn money to bye some food, we are human, maybe you not, I don’t know but I needs eat.

sorry me En but I hope You understand it.


somewhere someone made a python script that wont let you open it untill you type in a password into the console.

Oh that one was made by wiseman. It’s on his site in downloads. Lol, but I don’t remember the URL. Unfortunately, I found out that I was able to open it with Blender 2.32, so it doesn’t seem to work for the later versions. I could be wrong and it might be a fluke, just try and see for yourselves.

Jason Lin

the url is:

the script is very simple but si better then nothing :slight_smile:
but the script work in 2.25 but in 2.32 not. :frowning:

i made new thread in site in forum,. maybe ton or someone give us an answer.


Thanks soo much!