Blender publisher moving slowly

(LX) #1

I just downloaded the latest publisher (blender-publisher-2.25-linux-glibc2.1.2-i386) and it looks great. I like the self-contained window rather than full-screen (my kpanel doesn’t get hidden now when the blender window is active) and the render window always works correctly now (it was sorta flaky before on my computer, not showing up sometimes when I hit F11 or F12).

However, it’s running really slowly. I mean several seconds while trying to move even a plane in an otherwise empty scene. Conversely, I experience no slowing of performance when moving models containing thousands of points using version 2.04, 2.14 or 2.23 (although 2.23 and 2.14 do seem a little slower than 2.04). I opened the same blend files in all four versions to do a side by side comparison, and there is a sharp dropoff in performance between 2.23 and 2.25 in the same environment (same blend files, OS and hardware).

I’m using RedHat 7.2, with the stock NViDIA drivers, relatively stock Linux installation on an HP PentiumIII with 384 Megs of RAM. Any known issues besides upgrading the NViDIA drivers (I’ve had problems with that in my last installation, so that’s a last-resort for me)? Any major changes to blender between 2.23 and 2.25 that may account for this?