Blender Publisher?

what program is everyone using or whats the better program for making games. i asked this before but i think i worded it wrong lol cuz i had no idea what everyone was talking about so that why im posting a new thread.
im now using Blender 2.45 and i also have Blender Publisher(the program that came the the game kit)
the reason i asked is in alot of tutorial i’ve been looking at are made with publisher i think because when i start the engine in publisher the tutorials run fine but in 2.45 they screw up alittle bit. and im abit confused so which program so i start focusing on

Blender 2.45 and Blender Publisher (2.25) each have their benefits and downfalls. For most Blender Game Developers, the most recent version of Blender is the correct choice. However, if you want to make games that will work with the Blender 2.25 web plugin, then you must use Blender Publisher. (The web plugin only works in Internet Explorer anymore as far as I know.)

2.25 is a more stable engine, and it runs a bit faster, but it lacks many new features that are available in 2.45. 2.45 has tons of new features, including single-pass GLSL shader support, multiple textures and UV maps per object, and the ability to generate display lists (speeds up the rendering of objects that will not deform); but it also has quite a few annoying bugs. Many of the bugs in 2.45 have already been fixed in the testing versions of 2.46, though.

Ultimately the choice is up to you. Please be aware, though, that very few people around these boards still use 2.25, so if you ever need help with a version specific problem you’ll have a much harder time finding someone to answer your questions.