Blender puppets

Hey there, I was just wondering…is there anyone out there that is using BLender and the GE to create real time puppets for performance? Ive been working on some stuff, experimenting as well as working towards setting up some live performance characters for digital puppetry and wanted to get in touch with others doing the same-perhaps a Blender Puppet network/ community. Sorry if this is the wrong forum for this thread.

Hi there, i think this is the right forum part. I myself get puzzled, after they divided the game engine forum. Really good and creative idea, realtime puppet performance. What about using a tilt sensor or WII remote with the GE?


As for the community I know of, talk to buck-beaver , Ive done alot of research on this subject but couldnt complete my project. and i think ititrix :). There may be others, but im not sure.

The basic concept came from need. Being a keen puppet builder and puppeteer, I soon ran out of room to store all my creations. For as long as I remember, I had thought… “how cool would it be to have a cartoon talk back to an audience”. Naturally, I have created simple puppets using 2D packages (click n create…flash etc.). But the scope seemed some what broader in 3D. So…when I came across Blender, you could imagine my eagerness to get puppets onto disc (much easier to transport). Ive made a few, nothing too fancy…they need to be simple to control, yet fun to watch and with a sense of character as well. Ive even tried 2D photos cut up in Blender…quite funny in show. Its kind of been a bit of a life long passion…getting a cartoon to talk back to an audience. And yes, I have used digital puppets in concert too!

You know, someplace on the net is an application you can purchase to make 3d puppets, however, Im not sure about the verbal options.

They use it to make characters to be used for site mascots and helpers? I think the mascot responses are pre-determined though.

I havent done any puppets, I thought about it once then went on to something else. But I try to keep an eye open to the new info coming through the forums here.