Blender Python Auto-Completion file for Notepad++

Hi all,

I created an xml file for Notepad++. There are over 8000 application modules in it. You can code easily with auto-complete function now. I like Blender very much and I believe Blender needs new developers. Developers need a good code editing tool with auto-completion function. You need to download Notepad++ to use this xml file.

  1. Download notepad++

  1. Download Pyhton xml file:
3. How to short video:

Sorry for the double post :frowning:

Thanks for your hard work !!


Timely! What a boon this is for those trying to learn the bpy API !
I just spent 2 days trying to get code hinting working in PyCharm without acceptable results.

Thanks so much

Indeed, very useful, thank you for sharing :slight_smile:

very useful ! thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

You’re welcome. This one is for the latest API. I’m going to update it for the next API version. :slight_smile:

seems amazing, I use notepad++ a lot to develop addons!

I updated it. Nearly 9850 Application and Standalone modules with types and parameters.

Latest 2.79 API

Download new python .xml file:

Enjoy coders :slight_smile:

Thank you, very useful addition.
How do i configure a inspection code in notepad++?

Thanks. Hopefully it will motivate me to start using, training my brain more… :o

I don’t know if it support code inspection. It’s only a text editor afaik.