Blender Python command list

Hey all, I would like to start making some little scripts for games but thers a little problem.

I have no idea what all the variables/etc are called.

Could someone please tell me a site that has a documentation or something like that for all the commands available in Blender?

(or how to get a list of all available actuator commands/etc)

Or perhaps someone could suggest me some useful python commands.

I am just asking because I started to learn C++ a few months ago at school and since Python is based on C++ (it was,right?) I thought that I might as well just start playing around with it. Even if it means doing just simple tasks with it. :slight_smile:

As far as I know, the python interpreter (the one used in blender) is written in C, not C++.

My tutorial on BGE python (old, but still useful):


>> Blender 2.48a Python API Documentation
>> Blender 2.49 Python API Documentation

Python is written in C, and it is not based on C.
For example, Python uses whitespace (tabs, spaces, indentation, newlines) for organizing code, whereas C styled code is organized with braces and semicolons.

There are also 2 templates in the text editor since 2.48, one gives comments another is bare bones for people who understand how python deals with sensors/actuators/owners

python is written in C, our python API for the BGE is written in C++ using pythons C api.

That 2.49 documentation is wrong, the commands that it says are the same as 2.48. Even if I copy and paste it directly from the page, Blender still tells me that it’s deprecated. Everybody’s referring to that as the place to learn the new API, but since it’s no different, I still don’t even know how to get sensors, get the owner, get actuators, activate actuators, etc. in 2.49. Can someone tell me? Without referring me to the documentation?

EDIT: Scratch that, I’ve worked most out now.