Blender Python developer for creating motion and armature retargeting tool (Remote job)


We are looking for an experienced Blender Python developer who can create a tool for retargeting motion capture animations to a given set of armature types.


  • Familarity with .bvh format and motion capture.
  • Prior Blender rigging/armature add-on development experience.
  • Familarity with targeting different types of human animations data to various armature types.
  • Experience with tools automation.


  • Develop rigging and retargeting add-ons.
  • Write scripts and tools to process / convert mocap/motion data.
  • Develop an add-on or a script for transfering mocap data between different types of human armatures.

If you are interested in this task please get in touch via DM and make sure that your reply contains information / links about your prior mocap / armature tools and add-on development experience. And please include an email address to contact back.

PS: Please do not apply if you do not have any prior experience of developing similar tools. We will only engage with applicants who can demonstrate past armature tools development.


Do you have recommended artist/developer, based on your experience? Please advise or DM me. My focus is to animate a real-time video capture of a fairly stable movement, into an animated version of a person.

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