Blender python development in Eclipse?

I recently tried to write a bigger script and I’m loosing the view. I really miss an outline and propably some kind of code completion. So does anyone know if it is possible to use eclipse and pydev for plugin development or even, if there is a way, to connect the python environment, running in blender, directly to Eclipse? Or is it eventually possible to use blender as a python shell from the command line, to achieve this?

You can edit your python-code in eclipse and the do a reopen (ALT-R) in the python-view in blender.
The only python-IDE with some sort of connection to blender is SPE:


Thanks, but thats not really solving my problems. I will take a look to SPE, have already found it, but would really like it, if I could use Eclipse for all projects, I’ve to do. I already know about Alt-R, but thats what I would like to avoid, since running Eclipse and Blender at the same time makes my iBook nearly unuseable. The sollution, I really would like most is, if blender could be used from the command line and acting like a python shell, if started with a specific command. I already looked into blenders source, but haven’t got my head through until now.

you mean like this?
blender.exe -P myblendfile.blend

blender doesn’t have a way to act as an interactive shell [other than the script which does that inside of blender]… but you can easily run the script from the command line.

I know, this way exists, but it does not help to integrate blender in IDE’s very much, since blender does not identify itself as a python shell (maybe a script could do). This seems to be needed for eclipse to collect for example the module path information and enable code completion. For executing a script, your sollution should do. I’ll have a closer look on pydev code, as well as blender, maybe there is something, that I could do about it.

Sorry to bump an old thread, but I’m also interested in an eclipse solution for Blender.

The above command line could possibly be adapted for the eclipse run option, but does anyone know how to reconfigure the ContentAssistant in pyDev to add the Blender API ?

( :rolleyes: Man that’s a lot of jargon for one post! - Hope I’m making sense!)