Blender-Python GUI Version 1.2

New in version 1.2
Added Image Display Control:
Accepts any standard image (BMP, JPEG, GIF, etc…), allows you to resize and position it on your form, and then exports the image into a python-readable loader inside your script.
Large Images take awhile to convert and BPG will appear to freeze during this time. Script runtime performance remains very fast, however, even with large images.*

Bug fix:
Corrected a code generation problem on computers that use European numbering systems (where a comma acts as a decimal holder)

Oh man what an addition!!! I was thinking the last release was good enoguh but man this is better :slight_smile: I dont know what could make it any better. Thanks for making the hardest part of blender python api easy as pie! Chicken Pot Pie!

Can the GUI editor get better, i dont think so… :smiley:

amazing ripsting

Anybody interested in joining/starting the RIPSTING fan club…

Well I need to add some python parsing code so that you can open existing python scripts, edit them, and re-export :smiley: This will probably be the most difficult part of the project, especially if the code wasn’t generated with my script, or there’s custom code that’s been added.

Right now there’s a certain level of pre-planning that the end user has to do because you can’t go back and edit your script very easily. And as a result, this program isn’t as friendly as it should be.

Actually I’m debating on whether to import existing python scripts, or to save an xml file that simply has the GUI settings. The former solution would limit editability to scripts created with BPG, but it would be much easier to impliment…

And you do realize I’m doing this for free, so you people better start churning out some python scripts that I can use :stuck_out_tongue:

I have yet to try this script but from what I read, it sounds really neat.

Just thought I might do a little shameless self plug for my GUI module/wrapper/whatever. It’s in no way a direct competitor with RipSting’s program, but it makes the creation and especially the management of complex GUIs much easier than by going through the standard process.

I really think that going through an additionnal layer of abstraction is the way to go for UI creation and if RipSting could implement ssomething like that in is program, it would be perfect indeed.

regards and big thanks again to all the python coders for making wonderful enhancement to Blender.


This gui creater is great. I would say that you don’t nessisarily need to be able to open other scripts but if you could maintain and reopen it that would be great.

Another thing that would absolutely rock is to have the ability for it to easily create and display a thumbnail of an image that is loaded into blender. Having it be able to re-draw a material preview or a render output in the window would be great as well.

Thanks for your hard work

will this ever come out on linux? or is there one already out for linux

does anyone have a mirror of this?
the link appears to be down.

ONID, the university’s student webserver, was down for an hour or two the other day. Try back and it should work.