Blender/Python Interactive console. downlaod me.

Hi, I just finished my blender/python interactive console… full details on webpage.
Peetty much like a quake console, allows all python functions and runs allong side blender
Get it from

if ‘dir()’==‘print dir()’, it would be more easy for use

Change line 123 to:

exec(compile(__USER_CODE_STRING__, '', 'single'))

At line 196 insert:

multiLineCode = ["if 1:"] + [" " + i for i in multiLineCode]

The first change makes it more like the python console - anything that doesn’t return None has the returned value written to the screen. However this breaks multi-command things with Ctrl+Enter - the second change fixes that.

I know I am… thanks muchly for the code!

Hi Phillip, thanks for your addition.

a empty enter hit should not return an error so I added it using %s for a slight speed gain and made some other tweaks.

Updated on my page.