Blender Python Problems

I have searched and come up fruitless, so I’m posting my problem. I just downloaded 2.49b python 2.6 tar for GNU/Linux, 64bit , I’d been using 2.49a Python 2.6 and also Python 2.5 GNU/Linux 64 bit from tars before and also the 2.48 from the Ubuntu repos. I’m on Ubuntu 9.04; I just recently wiped and reinstalled this, but I have my home directory on a separate partition and it wasn’t changed at all. I have been compiling the latest 2.5 and thus have installed the Python 3.1.1 packages from the Karmic repo (by manually downloading the debs).

When I load a mesh and try to Unwrap (smart projections) it says “python script error: check console”; when I run 2.48a (from the Jaunty repo) it loads that script’s gui, but when I click OK it gives the same error.

The printenv command turns up no results for PYTHONPATH

oh, I forgot to say this happens in both 2.49a and 2.49b.

BUT 2.48 can do import scripts, hmmmm…