Blender(python, really) and openmosix

So, I’ve been trying to come up with a strategy for dividing up a task into sub-processes to be migrated around an openmosix cluster. I’ve tried os.fork() and os.spawn(), and neither seem to want to migrate away from their home node. Processes started from a shell script migrate with no problem.

Has anybody had any luck starting new python processes from within Blender (say, by forking and calling a background version of blender from the fork)? There was some mention on an openmosix how-to about there being a problem with Python and the C threading library, but it seemed to indicate this was a thing of the past.:confused:

I’m running Python 2.4 on a Gentoo box - the cluster is using the Gentoo openmosix kernel 2.4.32, I think.