Blender / Python Spyware (according to AOL)?

I referred someone to blender and apparently, when he installed the software on his computer - it terminated his AOL connection. This guy is in the UK - and he says that AOL told him that their anti-spam, anti-spyware, anti-whatever that blender and python are “known spyware” programs and they refuse to allow internet connections via their connections and they drop it imeadiately.

This sounded really fishy to me… sounds like AOL (or whomever the ISP is), is just covering their rear?

So-- my question is… is blender (or python) spyware?

I have no issues at my end using blender (other than bugs) since I don’t use AOL - have my own DSL and ISP. I figured since the sources are available, blender org would not be stupid to do spyware stuff… Please confirm.


Yes. Blender also gives your information to the local police, so they can come and arrest you as soon as they notice you doing something illegal.

I have had the Trend Micro online scan pick up blender as a possible malware. Its not, maybe a blender file is named something similar to a new virus or something. I don’t use AOL so I don’t know if its so automatic that you cant tell the security to ignore a program. that might be the case with AOL. I don’t think AOL has any thing up its sleeve against Blender but AOL is for people that might not know what they are doing online and is so idiot proof that its restrictive. My opinion.

Yes, I thought so. But I thought I’d mention it since I am a newbie and I was not sure what the UK guy’s problem was. Anyway - thanks for your inspiring input :-p

Shr1k -

Yes, I agree about AOL being very restrictive. They are having a LOT of complaints when customer complain but can’t fault them for trying - but personally I really don’t want to have anything to do with them from personal experience. I had nightmares from their software and service calls. No more of that for me.

I suspect that AOL is the problem - but I wanted to ask about blender since I AM a newbie and I AM security concious I had to ask the obvious question, not that I expected an honest answer from everyone.

Anyway - I appreaciate your honest response.