Blender Python Text Editor (desired feature list)

There are plenty of Editors and IDEs around and I’ve used a fair amount of them at some point. At first I didn’t like the editor supplied with Blender, but I used it exclusively for the last few bits of code and it’s really close to being (in my opinion) the most friendly and non-bloaty python editor native to linux.

Many improvements i’m sure will be made, but i’d like to suggest a few to consider first.

  • additional syntax highlighting
    User Preferences>Theme>“Text Editor” allows you to define the most useful syntax elements, but a few extra rules/theme colours would be welcome namely:

(), [], {} and *     maybe even <b>.</b> and <b>,</b> (fullstop and comma)

  • moving one line (line at cursor), moving entire selection

A key combo would be great for simply moving one line or an entire selected section of code to a different location, this removes the step of manually copying and pasting.

less necessary but still beneficial

  • duplicating a line in place, paste insert current line below current cursor position
  • listing in the toolshelf the currently defined functions (and their arguments)
  • hide comments
  • collapse functions and multi-line comments

A few of these suggestsions can be done in python, but I wonder if it’s worth my time.

I just wish the END key would move the cursor to the end of the line.
HOME key should move to the begining of the line.
Page UP/DOWN should work too.

Also CTRL-F should simply copy the selection to the search field and actually find it, not just open up a panel.

I scream at this editor daily. I use it and I hate it. The only editor that is worse than Blender’s is that piece of crap thing that comes with Maya. I guess it is just “cool” to have a crappy editor in high-end packages.

Why do artists need to type?

Atom, if i set up a spreadsheet on google-documents would you help me document the bugs/missing features so that we can make an ordered list of these shortcomings. I’ll have a go at patching the text editor myself, it’s probably neglected because the code required to make these changes is not so invigorating :slight_smile:

I’m convinced we can have beautiful.

I don’t know if this would be more difficult to implement, but it would be cool to have an auto complete feature in the text editor, such as the one that exists for the Python console window.

Just my 2 cents.

I’m all for auto-complete, but because it exists in python console already it’s not something i’m going to work on immediately.

Reading the c files for the TextEditor atm.

Atom : ctrl+E , sends the cursor to the End. (binding to End should be pretty easy, using User Preferences) - but i would argue upon several beers that Ctrl+E is more intuitive.
User Preferences>Input>Text->[edit]->scroll down

Thanks for info. I have not even looked at the keyboard bindings under preferences, I’ll take a look.