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Blender QMM Updated to 1.5.7

After some discussion over on this thread, I’ve updated the Energy Conservation group to v5.

It now factors roughness into the surface fresnel, which is now processed by a Fresnel CCP group, which I ganked from CynicalcatPro’s video Blender Physically Based Shading: Theory.

With this approach, the fresnel effect is pretty much gone on metals with a roughness above 0.5-ish. Dielectrics still get appropriate fresnel across all roughness values.

The Fresnel CCP essentially voids the influence of IOR on metals, so all metals are now standardized at IOR = 1.45. And while I was at it, I also took another look at colors and values and made some tweaks.

This release also renames QMM Chrome to QMM Chromium, the proper name for the metal.


  • Update Energy Conservation group to v5
    • Add Roughness
    • Add Fresnel CCP group
  • Update diffuse color, specular color, roughness, and IOR on most materials
  • Rename Chrome to Chromium
  • Bugfix
    • Broken links in Asphalt and Asphalt Bleached