Blender QMM (Quick Metal Materials) - Free Addon

Blender Materials Updated

  • Glass Shaders converted to Asset Library swatches
  • Two new Materials added to Glass Shaders
    • Glass Shader - Oded Erell Flat
    • Glass Shader - Oded Erell Physical

(Sourced from Understanding Transparency Render Settings on Oded Erell’s CG Log.)


Nice add-ons. Thank you very much.

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Blender Materials Updated

  • Asset Library rebuilt for latest 3.0 Beta
  • New Materials added to Glass Shaders
    • Glass - artist.B Clear
    • Glass - artist.B Frosted
    • Glass - artist.B Tinted
    • Ice - Procedural
    • Soap Bubble - Matlib VX
    • Soap Bubble - Sanctus

Blender Materials Updated

  • Dark Money Materials v3 added to repo
    • Corrosion Node updated

I’m not sure if the v3 Corrosion Node is an improvement or not, so the repo holds both the v2 and v3 versions of the Blend file.


PCOY Updated to 0.4.0

  • Added PCOY 2022 Very Peri to PCOY
  • No changes to MCMC

Get the latest ZIPs from Releases.


Thanks for your effort.

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it looks like the inputs on the Principled BDSF node are renumbered in Blender 3.0, so I’ll have to do a compatibility fix.

I’ll post a note here when the update is ready.


Updates to QMM, MCMC, & PCOY

QMM Gets a Bugfix for Blender 3.0

  • Code updated to match new Input ID numbering of Principled BSDF node.

Sidebar Tabs Updated

  • I changed the bl_category on all three add-ons to MAT. Now all three are under one sidebar tab.

If you already have QMM installed, the updater system will install the latest version. Else, Gumroad or Github.

Happy Holidays!


QMM Asset Browser File Updated to 1.3.0

This update only affects the Asset Browser file. The add-on itself remains unchanged.

  • New Materials:
    • Asphalt
    • Asphalt Bleached
    • Wall Paint
  • Asset Catalog Definition file
  • Node tweaks and cleanup

Download the updated file from Gumroad or Github.



Asphalt Bleached is a dupe of Asphalt that uses Map Range nodes in place of Color Ramp nodes.


These mats are ungrouped, but the Mapping nodes have Value inputs to adjust overall texture scale. The cracks and gravel on Asphalt and Asphalt Bleached can be scaled separately.

These new materials are not available in the add-on.

The arrival of the Asset Browser is giving me pause to think about the future of this project.

I really, really like the idea that the add-on is only 60k, while the AB file is 640k, but I’ve held off releasing these new materials for months because I haven’t found the motivation to write the code versions.

So, new materials may eventually get added to the add-on, but in the meantime I plan to just add them to the AB file and publish.

What do you all think? Should I go pure AB with this thing?


Blender Materials Updated

  • New Materials added to Glass Shaders
    • GM Glassmorphism 01 BDSF
    • GM Glassmorphism 01 Glass
    • GM Glassmorphism 02 Noise BSDF
    • GM Glassmorphism 02 Noise Refraction
    • GM Glassmorphism 03 Musgrave BSDF
    • GM Glassmorphism 03 Musgrave Refraction

(Sourced from Glassmorphism in Blender! Easy Tutorial (3 Methods) by KennyPhases)


New Color Set: House & Garden Colors 1971

I wrote a script to automate the conversion of lists of hex values into classes for my PCOY add-ons, and celebrated by turning this scan of a vintage magazine cover into a new set of colors.

Available with PCOY & MCMC on Github.

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Blender QMM Updated to 1.3.2


  • Combine IOR/Specular math nodes into Specular Group


  • Move material files into subfolders

Blender QMM Updated to 1.3.3

  • Bugfix: Specular Group was being added twice
  • Added Copper Color Node Group with 5 color choices [Affects Copper Min, Copper Max, and Copper (Fresnel)]
    • Copper
    • Pale Copper
    • Copper Red
    • Copper Penny
    • Copper Rose
  • Asset Browser file updated

(Copper colors sourced from Wikipedia: Copper (color).)

It seems that Wikipedia also has color collections for Silver and Gold, so now that I’ve sorted the Python for creating Groups, I may add color var groups to other materials as well.

And speaking of Wikipedia, they are in an end-of-year funding drive. Forgive the virtue signalling, but give them a donation if you can. Support open source, and all that.

Blender QMM Updated to 1.3.4

I went ahead and added Gold and Silver Extended Color node groups. The Silver ones are pretty cool. A third of the gold ones lean into being too cartoony for realism, but may be good for NPR stuff.


  • Bugfix: Change Node Group Output type from Float to Color

  • Add Gold Color Node Group with 9 color choices. This affects Gold, Pale Gold, and Gold (Fresnel).

    • Gold
    • Pale Gold
    • Golden Gold
    • Old Gold
    • Golden Yellow
    • Golden Poppy
    • Crayola Gold
    • Vegas Gold
    • Satin Sheen Gold
  • Add Silver Color Node Group with 10 color choices. This affects Silver Min, Silver Max, Pale Silver, and Silver (Fresnel).

    • Silver
    • Pale Silver
    • Basic Silver
    • Crayola Silver
    • Silver Pink
    • Silver Sand
    • Silver Chalice
    • Roman Silver
    • Old Silver
    • Sonic Silver

(Gold colors sourced from Wikipedia > Gold_(color) and silver colors sourced from Wikipedia > Silver_(color).)

Thank you very much, it’s amazing how you take care of updating add-ons and improving your material collection.

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De nada.

I love doing this stuff. If I can figure out some way to make it pay my rent, I’ll be one happy hobo! :muscle:

Speaking of materials, I consolidated most of the materials I made from tutorials in 2021 into an Asset Browser file, and I’ll be adding that to my Blender Materials Git.

There’s, like, 3 or 4 that are missing image textures and things like that, so I’m waffling between making them bulletproof before sharing, or just dropping it as-is and coming back to clean-up if/when I have time.

Blender Materials Updated — Tutorials

This is a new set of 85 materials I’ve made over the course of 2021 from watching Youtube tutorials.

  • Some are meant for Planes, but most work on anything with X, Y, and Z dimensions and a UV map.
  • Textures packed (JPG format, compressed)
  • Asset Browser file included
  • 5.7Mb
  • is a list of links to the source tutorials (in the cases where I knew the source, natch).


Blender Materials Updated — Chaos Metals

This is a new set of 15 materials based on specs provided by Christopher Nichols’ Understanding Metalness on

  • Roughness set to 0.25 on all, so maybe adjust that.
  • Asset Browser file included
  • 350Kb

Nothing major here. Ran across the article while cleaning out my bookmarks, and noted that the color values they spec’ed for gold and silver were unusual.

So what the hey, I banged out the set. Enjoy.

New Color Set: Ford Colors 1958

To celebrate the release of Blender 3.1, I made a new color set based on this scan from vintage Ford promotional material.

Available with PCOY, MCMC, and HG71 on my Github.


Blender QMM Updated to 1.3.5

In observance of Pi day — since pi is one of my three favorite numbers — I’ve updated QMM.

The Roughness values of most of the metals have been tweaked to differentiate them more, and hopefully make them more lifelike.

Give them a look and let me know what you think. Suggestions for better values are welcome.