Blender Question, what is Nabla and "Connected"

Ok, these 2 things have been bugging me for the longest because i cant figure out what their purpose is.

1: Does anyone know what the “Nabla” setting in the Texture Panel is for, or what it does? I’ve tried adjusting it and rendering, but it doesnt seem to change or affect anything and I cant figure out what the heck its purpose is.

2: The proportional editing tool has 3 settings, Enable, Disable, and connected. What’s the difference between the “Enable” and “Connected” settings?

Please, somebody let me know, because it’s driving me bonkers :spin:

Well, I have never figured out Nabla, but connected means that proportional edit only effects the mesh it is connected to. Try making a sphere, duplicating it in edit mode, and move it right next to the original. Then move the vertices around on one sphere so that the proportional circle includes both spheres. In “connected” it should only move the first sphere, but in “enable” it will move both. I hope that makes sense.

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I’ve passed over about half a dozen of threads like this about Nabla, but answers there don’t satisfy me. Perhaps the problem is the question, so I’ll try to reformulate:

While I roughly understand what Nabla mathematically is (well, I think explanations about this on Internet are far away from a didactic approach…), I’m not able to extract from here an understanding of what’s the purpose behind the Nabla parameter in the textures. In other words, what does this parameter change in the appearance of textures.

As some others noted here, in most cases there isn’t practically any visible change along with this value, but I guess that in some particular ways of texture mapping or so it could be relevant. So, owner of the knowledge, please help us the 95% of Blender users that for years looked at this like the eighth passenger ;).


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All I can remember Nabla ever affecting was the kinkiness of hair strands in 2.4xx. I hadn’t even noticed Nabla was still there post-2.5.