Blender questions from the 2.x manual and gamekit vol1.sec1

Ok I have decided to start asking these questions. And trust me there will be lots of them.

I have been using blender for 4 years now and everytime I read a tute or the manual or the gamekit I come up with MORE questions then when I started.I think some of this has to do with 3 things

#1) Technical people understand programs but do not know how to explain them well to non technical people.
#2)Blender was born in Europe, so there are several of the “experts” that are not native english speakers.
#3) See #1

Ok first question.


Gruff explains how to color game objects without having to texture or vertex paint them. I understand 90% of that tute. Up until the point in the fifth paragraph where whe says

"5). Press the F9 key to display the Mesh Edit Buttons Window. Look for the VertCol label and the Make button next to it. Press the Make button two times. This will copy the mesh’s material color to the vertex colors.

Question 1. Why do you have to press the Make button twice.???

So I looked up the Make----Vertex Color button in the 2.x guide and in the gamekit.

Here is what it said.

2.x Guide:

“A colour can be specified per vertex. This is required for the VertexPaint option. If the Object DrawType is “Shaded”, these colours are copied to thge vertex colours. This allows you to acheive a radiosity-like effect (set MaterialButtons->VertCol On). If the mesh is “Double Sided”, this is automatically turned off.”

Question2: What are “these colours”?


Says the same thing.

I have read this dozens of times in the past four years and still do not know why I have to press the button twice and what “colours” they are talking about. Material Colours? The painted Vertex colors? What??

these are pretty weird questions… i’m not going to anwser them cuz I have no time and these questions can be solved by yourself if u only do some searching…

Old saying. If you have nothing helpful to say do not say anything at all

I don’t see that problem at all

you shouldn’t have to

I would explain it differently

the make vertex colors button copies the colors seen in control+z (shaded?) mode into the vertex colors of the object. These colors take into account lighting, material settings [turn spec down to zero or you will get the specular dot in them], and textures, and wether or not a face is set smoothed (iirc on that last one, all faces are drawn as solid if autosmoothing is on though)

the material setting thing mentioned there are if you want those colors to show up in the render.

okay… good for it

Just a bit of perspective I hope will clear things up for you. “Gruff” is TheIceMan (that should be your first clue) and the PINK is no longer pink, it’s white. That was the default Game color back (I think) in 1.5 (note he uses the GKey to start the game not PKey) Back then I assume the first click turned off ‘Double Sided’ and the second click registered the ‘Make’. Not 100% sure of all this though as I wasn’t around back then.


you still get pink if you turn on the Tex flag for a face, but don’t assign a texture to it

I think this is only for the 3d view though, because add mode faces require the tex flag be on, but will work okay [in-game] without a texture and be pink in the 3d view

You’re right. Thanks for the correction.


Fligh % and z3ro d thanks for the swift and clear answers. I appreciate it. z3ro d I was not saying that there was a problem with Europeans. Its just that when you are not a native english speaker some of the idioms,usage, and syntax gets mixed up,blender is hard enough to learn without trying to determine what the author is saying in his text. But I do give them thanks for even trying to translate their tutorial into english. I have seen plenty of native english speakers write tutes and their writing was worse then some of the european tutorials.