Blender Quick tip collection by Christoph Werner (growing constantly...)


(Christoph Werner) #1

Hi Blender friends.

I already have a YouTube channel since years. After a break I’ve started to publish new content yesterday by presenting short tips for Blender users, beginners and advanced.

In my first quick tip video you will learn how to control the values of multiple materials in Blender concurrently, like the color e.g.

Thank you and have fun watching!

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How should I model this shape?
(Christoph Werner) #2

My quick tip number 2 is out now!

Learn how to set objects with random colors by using a single material in Blender.

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(Christoph Werner) #3

As you maybe know I’m publishing tutorials since some years. This new Blender series will be published in irregular intervals but not immediately. I’ll produce one as soon as I’ve some time off and try to keep a break of one week between every new release.

Now you have the ability to watch my quick tip videos much earlier than the official audience on YouTube, directly after their completion. This regards videos only, that are longer than 15 min. Because of their length, they are more a kind of small tutorials than “quick tips”…

But why pay for content that will be published later for free anyway?

The main reason is: I’m not allowed to publish download content on gumroad for an amount of “0+” that is larger then 25 MBytes. My video files are much bigger and gumroad sets the rules here.

On the other hand your support helps me to produce more of such content in the future. I’m a freelance artist and not employed, so every buck makes the life easier.

So take a look and check my prereleases, if you like. There is always a short intro video included, so you can watch them first before downloading the whole tutorial.

Thank you very much for your support! :+1:

You 'll find the prerelases in my official gumroad shop. The blend files are mostly also included!

(Christoph Werner) #4

Ok friends. Quick tip no 3 is out now!
Control material values via drivers:

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(Christoph Werner) #5

Quick tip time! No 4 is out now:

How to create double sided materials.

(Christoph Werner) #6

OK friends. I did it again…

Quick tip time! No 5 is out now:
How to create an interactive shelf using drivers.

Be warned. This one is not really a “quick tip”… it’s about 40 minutes long! So more a small tutorial, then a quick tip… :grin:

(Christoph Werner) #7

The story continues. Another quick tip video is online. In episode 6 you learn:

How to setup an animation rig for train wheels.

Have fun watching!

(Christoph Werner) #8

Quick tip No 7 is out now!

OK, again it’s actually not really a quick tip, but more a small tutorial.
So if you are a beginner and have 44 minutes of time to listen my “bad english”, then this is something for you. :wink: But even advanced users may find some interesting tips in my video for sure.

Watch how to create a simple sword by using mainly modifiers!

You’ll get a partially nondestructive result.

(Christoph Werner) #9

We keep the sword topic. In my Blender quick tip No 8 you will learn

How to create a leather wrap for a sword grip, the "quick & dirty way"